Velvet and Vino features hearts and tights

Hearts are an essential part of Valentines Day. A Calgary-based fashion blogger Becky has shared her ideas of styling a trench coat & tights from

"This heart shaped trench coat is by far one of the most endearing pieces I’ve ever purchased. If I was to give an overview of my closet, I would say there’s two categories of clothing. The first category is the more practical and must-have items such as a standard blazer, a white-button collar shirt, cable-knit sweaters, and denim jeans. The second category are those pieces that stand out for me, ones that I turn to when I feel like adding some zest to my outfit, the heart shaped trench coat. These pieces in my closet have so much personality, it’s the whimsical prints that always get me." Read more on

Fashion blogger - Calgary

Fashion blogger - Calgary tights 

February 03, 2015 by Lily Sokolov
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