5 undeniable perks of going to Community Markets

Nowadays, community and farmers markets are becoming more and more popular, and we tried to explore some reasons why:

  • A chance to find some unique hand-made products.

This might be convenient, if you are shopping for a gift or just a big fan of crafted goods yourself. You might be surprised to see what people are able to make/create, the selection varies from organic hand-made cosmetics to custom-made dresses or skirts.

  • Mix and mingle. 

Vast, comfortable, dynamic, and, some times, entertaining spaces ideal for hanging out with friends and family. Community markets usually attract a crowd open for communication. So, if you are bored - just go there and feel the vibe.

  • Get an inspiration for a hobby or an idea for your own small business.

As it was mentioned before, community markets attract artistic people, and you might be surprised to see what some of the artists create. Some of your old and abandoned hobbies might emerge in your head again and you will come back home inspired and motivated for creation: either it is sketching or jewelry making, you name it.

  • Pay back to community.

For a lot of people, this is the best way to support local artists; therefore, a community they live in.

  • You are getting a product directly from the source.

Most of the time, there is no a middle-person - artists, makers, craft-people are representing what they have created. As a result, if you have questions about quality or the process itself, you more than welcome to ask and find a person afterwards for for further clarification.

Whether you found these perks attractive or not, give a community market a try. Who knows, even, if you end up not buying anything, you might meet new people, make new friends or build partnerships there. So, check one of your local markets upcoming weekend. There are definitely one or two around your area. 

The photos below are taken at Calgary Bali & Beyond Underground Market on 17th Ave SW. Check this market out - every weekend.

Time for Tights blog - giselle clothing

On the photo above: Born again vintage.
Vintage inspired designs handmade with pre-loved fabrics.
Women's and girls formals, business and casualwear, beachwear, and accessories.
Giselle Clothing Design gbedier@gmail.com
Time for Tights blog - MeliEssentials Calgary

On the photo above: MeliEssentials. A goal of the company to provide a safe and healthy alternative to the chemical laden cosmetics of today. All products are 100% natural, chemical free, preservative free, toxin free and guilt free. Tested on friends, not animals, and all my ingredients are supplied ethically.  orders@MeliEssentials.comwww.MeliEssentials.com 

Time for Tights blog - Plazmalab Calgary

 On the photo above: Plazmalab Calgary at Bali and Beyond Underground Market.

In a unique loft overlooking the city of Tel Aviv, there is a creative laboratory called Plazmalab. This is a place where our team of artistic scientists constantly experiment on new ways of morphing visions from mind to fabric.  All of our clothing is made from 100% cotton and are exclusive designs.  The cuts and designs are unique and most models feature custom artwork using a high quality silk-screen method.  Most styles of unisex and are suitable for both ladies and men. 


On the photo above: Time for Tights at Bali and Beyond Underground Market Calgary

April 27, 2015 by Lily Sokolov
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