How I experimented with a new celebrity trend - lace tights and jeans combo

There is a new trend spotted among several celebrities - fishnet tights and jeans combo.

First, I was very careful prior to experiment with my lace tights and ripped jeans; however, when I tried that combo, I loved it.

And I will explain why, and how to choose the rights tights and jeans.

First of all, lace tights and jeans combo gives extra warmth during chilly days.

Secondly, fashionable lace or fishnet tights being seen through ripped jeans look extremely sexy, in my opinion.

Thirdly, if you choose a right pair of tights (under a right pair, I mean, high-quality soft tights which sit high on your waist), then you are going to feel even more comfortable having the tights under your boyfriend style jeans.

With all mentioned above, to feel comfy and make your look stylish, trendy, and sophisticated, I really want to emphasize the quality part of both: tights and jeans. In addition to fashion part of quality clothing and accessories, there is a big aspect of being eco-friendly. The quality products are used and worn more often, can be recycled and reused, while cheap, low-quality clothing end-up in landfill much faster and it takes them for years to decompose.

Lace tights (consciously made  in Italy, created in Canada)



January 29, 2017 by Lily Sokolov
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